23 - 24 April 2018
The Address Hotel - Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE

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Brochure - 2nd Connected Aircraft Conference

With Emirates leading the way after recently announcing a US$15.1 billion order for 40 Boeing 787 Dreamliners, now is the time to network with regional and global airlines looking to expand their fleets and source connectivity solutions. Gain insight from Emirates on how is big data changing the MRO landscape and aviation supply chain. Download the brochure now!


Infographic: Top Middle East airlines investing in connected aircraft technologies

Download this infographic now to understand the significant impact that in-flight connectivity (IFC) technologies are making on the Middle Eastern airline industry as they aim to improve the operational efficiency, sustainability and safety levels of all flights, while also markedly improving the overall customer experience through advanced in-flight entertainment and communication packages.

Agenda at-a-glance

Download the agenda at-a-glance now and get a quick glimpse into the topics and sessions to be covered during the event to find out what’s in store for you.


Report: Top Middle East airlines investing in connected aircraft technologies

Download this report now to gain insight into the rapidly rising level of interest and investment in in-flight connectivity throughout the Middle East region.

Middle East airlines: Top trends in connected aircraft technology investments

The emergence of inflight connectivity is fundamentally improving airline operations while boosting the customer experience of its passengers. Download our report to discover how connected aircraft investments are taking off in the Middle East and what specific technology investment trends are currently shaping the overall implementation of inflight connectivity

Additional Event Information

Post-Event Report: Connected Aircraft Conference 2017

Download the Connected Aircraft 2017 post-event report to find out the calibre of people who attended the event, key speakers and much more!


How aircraft connectivity enables a connected operation

William Baumgarten, Business Development Leader for Aircraft Data Management, UTC Aerospace Systems

Connecting the Connected Aircraft

David Coiley, VP, Strategy and External Relations, Inmarsat