Driving aircraft e-enablement through innovative connectivity solutions

Total revenues from passenger connectivity services are expected to grow from $700 million in 2015 to nearly $5.4 billion by 2025.

The 2nd edition of the Connected Aircraft conference will bring together leading airlines, OEMs and aviation regulators to discuss the true business case for investing in IP connectivity - the cockpit. Join OEMs, airlines, regulators, avionic and satellite providers to discuss how the aviation industry can benefit from the age of aircraft e-enablement and effectively utilise big data and connectivity solutions to better inform flight paths, implement real-time flight tracking and fully realise ‘nose to tail’ connectivity.

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Featured speakers include:

Why attend?


Learn how to harness the airline data pipe for big data analytics and predictive maintenance


Discuss new strategies and technologies for preventing aircraft cyber attacks in the age of connectivity


Leverage passenger wi-fi connectivity for reduced safety margins and more accurate aircraft health monitoring


Learn how Saudi airlines is turning the EFB into an effective data analysis tool


Understand the relative pros and cons of the latest satellite technologies


Learn how to develop new strategies for accommodating new manufacturer protocols for health monitoring of new generation IFC enabled aircraft


Understand how the ACARS is evolving to become an essential component of the connected aircraft

Download Agenda

Who should attend?

  •  OEMs
  •  Airlines
  •  Regulation authorities
  •  Avionics providers
  •  Performance calculation providers
  •  EFB application providers
  •  In-flight entertainment providers
  •  Satellite providers
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